Cu Luc equipment - machine company limited ​has 4 business departments, Crane & Hoist dept., Elevator dept., Parking System dept., and Heavy Duty dept.
We are devoted to Marketing Plan, Product Design, Manufacturing, Test, Installation, and After-Sales service.
Our parts are made from top grade raw material and high strength alloys. Sophisticated manufacturing equipment such as CNC Horizontal Machining Centers, Robotic Welders and Precise Scanning Probes, Automatic test system for motor are used to insure the highest consistency and quality.
Once hoists are assembled, they are individually tested and inspected using automated equipment and strict quality control standards.​We acquired the SGS ISO 9001:2015, CE certificate, and domestic crane and hoist certifications patents for products. These assured the continued success to comply with international standard, keep on creating new products, as well as the pioneer in lifting equipments, and no doubt good reputation. In the variable market, the key of success is determined by Innovation and The speed.
21st century, world is changed a lot, to extremely quick grow up to lead various science and technology, industry from the mediocrity. The traditional thinking of “To be the same should be million” will be eliminated by time. Want to fight for one seat in the world, in the hotly competitive battle field, only hit out voluntarily, catch market demand, integrate and innovate the view, focus on Customer's Position and Commercial Pattern, which come into the unknown possible steadily, create successful products, then making the long term enterprises forever.
In this era, learn to run in enterprises fast and keep the speed, and stress the culture of ' speed ' will produce naturally. It will be higher than or almost mean the customer's demand as to the level that the speed requires. In the fast operation of all things, innovating will be produced with the efficiency. While understanding the difference between markets and customers, the top management with positive intelligence, and the outstanding colleagues valueing it, who can certainly make strategy and carry out at fastest speed on the practical basis. Only create and can offer the products of the value, it is our goal.
Cu Luc equipment - machine with all of valued supply chains, sales partners, just at this innovation, speed, mutual and associative, deepen every industry and countries of variant culture with our unique products. Cu Luc equipment - machine, our mission, not only win and win-win, but take build unlimited benefit even more.

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